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Fiber Glass CoatingWorking with an epoxy is not without challenges. It takes an expert to handle epoxy or resin or both. Conversion Technologies International (CTI) has been helping clients in a broad range of industries for decades. They have expertise in different types of epoxy and much more. Need a material applied to the surface of a product? Their experts can help. CTI has extensive experience in adhesive and fiber glass coating applications. From hot melt and water-based adhesives to general coatings, they know how to do the job right. Plus, they can handle the types of jobs other companies can’t, such as powder coating. Check out what makes them the industry leader below.

Fiber Glass Coating

CTI is a leader in adhesive coatings. Their wide range of services makes them an ideal partner for a manufacturer in virtually any industry. No matter what service or format you need, they can help. They can handle contract work, large format, and even wide web toll laminations. And they specialize in difficult processes like fiber glass coating and more. Check out the many laminating methods with which they are familiar:

  • One- or two-sided
  • Rotary screen
  • Slot die hot melt
  • Hot roll
  • Thermoplastic adhesive
  • Meyer-rod coating
  • Water-based gravure
  • Hot-melt gravure
  • Knife-over-roll

Best of all, CTI stands behind its services. Their quality control ensures coatings will last well beyond the time needed for the product. And they specialize in shipping products of all sizes anywhere clients need them to go.

A Process Second to None

In addition to their capabilities, CTI offers unmatched service. Need a partner who can handle one or more aspects of production so your focus can be elsewhere? CTI has the experience and expertise to help. They can be as self-sufficient as you need them to be. Or, perhaps you need more help? No problem! CTI’s experts can help you develop new materials or techniques. Curious about how a different material might affect the product? Perhaps an epoxy or resin would make a big difference. Or, maybe application to the surface would yield some benefits. Plus, their facility allows for multiple projects at once. So, they can handle quick turnaround times as well. In fact, with all their capabilities, they can help with just about any manufacturing phase.

How do they accomplish this? By offering a tried and true process to help manufacturing clients:

  1. Initial Consultation—it all starts with a consultation. Their experts will make sure their skills are a match for clients’ needs, so no one wastes valuable time.
  2. Research & Development—curious how an epoxy or resin might affect a product? CTI can help develop new methods or techniques for virtually any product.
  3. Lab Testing/Sample—experts at CTI can produce a sample during any of these steps. Often, there is little to no charge involved.
  4. Pilot Run—test a product with a pilot run. Make sure the surface and everything else is right before committing to a full run.
  5. Production—once everything is checked and rechecked, they begin full production. Their experts have the equipment, manpower, and experience to complete any project.

Get Your Free Quote Today

With all these capabilities, CTI can offer a range of services. Want more information? Just contact them through this simple form and they will provide a free quote. Their experts can provide guidance and quality equipment to ensure success for any product.

So, give them a call today at 419-924-5566.