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foam coatingIn order to finalize manufacturing a product, adhesion often plays a central role. This could involve the binding of two or more parts or materials. And, in order for the product to function as it should, the adhesive coating has to have certain qualities. First, it needs to be strong and – depending on the conditions surrounding its use – hold up in tough conditions. Additionally, the adhesive can’t interfere with other components. At Conversion Technologies International, we know what goes into creating the most effective adhesives. We work with numerous substrates, and foam coating is one of our specialties. As a contractor for many industries, we have a track record to prove our success. In fact, we have worked with the automotive, roofing materials and consumer products industries among others.

Foam Coating Made Easy with CTI

Determining the right adhesives for any type of material can be difficult. Every kind of substance has its own unique qualities. And, what works for one thing may not work for something else. Foam can be especially challenging. This is why it always pays to partner with an expert. At CTI, we have experience working with all types of materials, including foam. Our knowledgeable engineers utilize the latest tools available to overcome any adhesive obstacles.

Research and Testing

Moreover, the one thing that makes CTI stand out is our testing facility. Often, businesses come to us with production issues they need solved. Our facility allows us to do all of the necessary testing and experimenting to determine what works best. This is also a good way to save money, as companies do not have to rely on in-house personnel. Also, they do not need to invest in expensive equipment. CTI has the tools, equipment and talent to handle all stages of adhesive coatings, laminating and slitting and die cutting.

Stumped by an Adhesive Issue? Get in Touch with CTI

So, when you need foam coating or any other type of adhesive, you can count on CTI. We will develop the best solution and help you get your product out into the marketplace quickly. To start the process, contact us. Tell us about your project and we will give you a free quote.