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foam coating machineWondering when you may need a foam coating machine? The manufacturing industry uses spray foam coatings for a wide variety of purposes. In some circumstances, foam coatings act as insulation, trapping hot or cool air where you require. It creates this type of padding or barrier. In some cases, foam coatings convert to another substance, hardening after the initial application. Even in the realm of spray foam insulation, there are two different types: open-cell polyurethane foam coatings and closed-cell polyurethane foam coatings. Open-cell foams tend to be softer and more malleable, while closed-cell foams are usually stiffer and harder to manipulate.


Nonetheless, the same basic machine applies multiple types of foam coatings. We must use a foam coating machine to correctly administer these materials. These machines can distribute enough foam to cover hundreds of feet at a time. The bigger and more expansive the machine, the more employees are typically needed to use it. Therefore, while you may want to simply use your machine in a straightforward manner, the process can be a bit more complicated than it may seem.


This is why many companies currently use contract manufacturers for foam coating services. A contract manufacturer can provide not only the foam coating machine you need but the processing of the coatings as well. The question is, how does working with a contract manufacturer for foam coatings work? And who should you work with?


Who Provides Foam Coating Services?


As previously mentioned, the best third party resource for you to consider regarding foam coating service is a contract manufacturer. A contract manufacturer makes an agreement with you regarding the amount of services or products they will provide or finish, and execute them accordingly. You will lay out your specifications as the client, and the contract manufacturer will act.


Some contract manufacturers also provide toll processing services. Toll processing is another type of third party manufacturing, with a few key differences. While a contract manufacturer will not only produce the desired product but source the materials necessary, a toll processor will process for you but will not source the materials necessary. You should consider carefully which option might work better for your purposes. Though some clients like the idea of sourcing materials on their own, others appreciate the ease with which contract manufacturers can get to work.


You may execute foam coating services through contract manufacturing or toll processing. Fortunately for you, Conversion Technologies International, Inc. provides all the services necessary. We can take on the materials you provide, or provide them individually, along with the foam coating machine required.


What Kinds of Foam Coating Services Do We Provide?


The great thing about working with a contract manufacturer is that they can often provide multiple different services. At times, CTI can provide foam laminating services, which would cover a wide variety of different applications. These include bedding, household cleaning products, carpets, and personal care products, among other things.


Furthermore, CTI can cover fiberglass coatings as well. While fiberglass coatings are not always applied through a foam coating machine, it’s important to note that you can source all of your coatings from the same manufacturer. We often receive fiberglass coating requests in tandem with foam coating requests. It’s much simpler for you as a client to source all your coating needs through CTI. Additionally, CTI allows you to learn through trial and error, experimenting with different applications and formulas until you have exactly what you require.


What Is The Best Foam Coating Machine?


At CTI, we can provide different foam coating machines in accordance with your needs. The best foam coating machine for you is going to be dependent on the type of project you want executed. For example, you inquire about a radial foam coating machine. A radial foam coating machine can coat spaces of a variety of different sizes. Usually, the arched pieces are covered by a radial foam coating machine. The pusher mechanism in the machine powers itself through a variable speed motor, pushing the foam into an arch shape through what is called a “mud box”.


There are also high pressure foam coating machines to consider. Usually, you may require a high pressure application for larger projects, as these machines can cover a large surface in a short amount of time. Additionally, these projects often involve new construction or extensive remodeling. We apply spray foam with a high pressure foam coating machine which often locks in moisture and seals tightly to different surfaces.

Additional Options

Another option to be aware of is high density spray foam coating machines. Typically, customers use high density foam coatings to both cover and insulate an area. Because the foam coatings are high density, we must apply them in large amounts each time.


Conversely, low pressure foam coating machines typically apply a small amount of foam over a small surface space. While low pressure foam coating machines aren’t often used on large scale projects, CTI can discuss this option, along with all others, ahead of time with you. We can cover virtually all of your foam coating needs.


While it may be difficult to learn the intricacies of foam coating on your own (and train your employees accordingly) selecting the right foam coating machine can be even more challenging. With the help of CTI, you don’t have to do either. We can provide the machines, the labor, and if necessary the coating materials as well. Give us a call at 419-924-5566 or reach out directly to discuss how we can best help you!