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adhesive coatingAdhesive coating technologies are essential for many industries, but in-house solutions can be prohibitively expensive. That’s where Conversion Technologies International comes in. We’re a fully-equipped rolled goods contract manufacturer and industry-leading developer of custom adhesives solutions. Read on to find out what we can do for your firm!

Versatility and Power in Adhesive Coating Processes

At CTI, we’re committed to creating innovative adhesives solutions. That means we invest capital that will allow us to manufacture components using this coating with great versatility and efficiency. Our modular manufacturing setup means we can easily tweak processes, and we work with a variety of materials suppliers.

All of this adds up to industry-leading capability that includes, among many others:

  • Coatings including hot melt, water-based, and water-repellent adhesives
  • Substrate materials including wovens, non-wovens, vinyl, rubber, polyethylene, and many more
  • Up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit cure temperature
  • Medium to long-run production capacity
  • Industrial applications from roofing materials to automotive parts

Case Study: Adhesive Applied on Fiberglass

The wind energy industry is one of America’s fastest-growing and most innovative sectors. So when a wind energy firm approached CTI to develop a solution, we became their partner in innovation. CTI’s unique features allowed us to create a high-performance manufacturing process that met or exceeded all of our client’s expectations:

  • Customer Service Commitment: Our team worked with the client to determine specific needs and manufacture the product to demanding specifications.
  • Iterative Product Development: We helped our client test several different versions of their product to find the optimal solution. Our flexible, efficient manufacturing process lets us help clients develop products and processes in a way that other firms can’t.
  • High-Volume Production Capacity: Once we had developed a prototype meeting the client’s standards, production began at 3 million feet annually. Our advanced facility means we can handle all kinds of production challenges and perform at a high level.
  • Performance Monitoring: We used an in-line beta gauge scanner to monitor the level of coating. This saved on materials costs and ensured uniform quality.

Your Adhesives Partner in Performance

We’re here to help you develop an adhesive coating solution that sticks. If you’re ready to see what CTI can do for you, call us at 419-924-5566 or request a free quote online.