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contract coatingMost consumers probably do not put a lot of thought into the manufacturing process of the products they buy. And, as long as they work as they should, they really don’t need to understand the process. But of course, this has to be a priority for the companies producing the products. In order to function properly, many items need special coatings. If they do not have these coatings, they risk not performing as they should or malfunctioning altogether. But, instead of applying coatings themselves, many businesses see the benefits of utilizing a contract coating company.

The industries that can get the most out of contract coating


Any type of construction material has to be tough and durable. It needs to be able to stand up to harsh weather and the heat of the sun. This is why building products require the proper coatings to perform properly.


Roofs are another category of material that has to withstand precipitation, extreme temperatures, and other severe weather. In addition to making them stronger, coatings can prevent leaks and also improve energy efficiency within a building.


The right coatings are vital for cars. Metals like aluminum need surface coatings in order to prevent corrosion. Other parts – including the power train and engine block cylinders – also need coatings to decrease friction. Even the “softer” materials inside vehicles sometimes require coatings to protect from wear and tear.


Because paper can be delicate, it often needs coating. This is especially true when produced in very long sheets. If the production process involves rollers, surface coatings can cut down on abrasion and stickiness.

Coating is an integral part of the manufacturing process and you can’t ignore or forget it. If you need contract coating services, CTI can help. We have experience in all of the industries above and many others. Our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment means that you don’t have to invest in expensive machinery. Consequently, that frees up more operating funds for your business. In addition, our testing facilities can help devise the best coating solutions for your products. Get in touch to learn more about what we offer.