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custom laminationWhen manufacturers need help laminating products consisting of any material types, there’s only one partner to trust. Conversion Technologies International (CTI) is the industry expert in the lamination process and adhesive laminating. Their team of skilled professionals is familiar with all types of material. CTI has extensive experience in multiple layer and adhesive laminating. Their equipment is capable of creating products in sheet or roll form. If adhesive lamination is what you need, give them a call today and check out what makes them the best.

The Lamination Experts

CTI has been helping some of the country’s top companies for decades. They have been a research and manufacturing partner in a wide variety of industries. As such, they are leaders in a wide range of laminating services. Whether you need your product produced in sheet or roll form, they can help. Check out their areas of expertise below.

Laminating Methods

  • Single- or double-sided
  • Hot roll
  • Rotary screen
  • Slot die hot melt
  • Thermoplastic adhesive
  • Meyer-rod coating
  • Water-based gravure
  • Hot-melt gravure
  • Knife-over-roll

Plus, they have spent decades working with a wide range of substrates, including:

  • Cellular sponge
  • Cork
  • Fabric
  • Foam material
  • Latex
  • Natural rubber
  • Neoprene
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Silicone
  • Paper layer
  • Foil
  • And many more!

How CTI’s Lamination Process Works

The lamination process is relatively straightforward. However, proper adhesive lamination requires a combination of expertise, experience, and equipment. CTI has all three. From sheet to roll projects, their equipment is second to none. So, customers don’t have to invest in expensive equipment of their own. Companies save by not purchasing equipment before they are certain that they have created the most efficient manufacturing process. CTI can also layer adhesive lamination for increased protection and function.

Check out their five-step process below:

1. Initial Consultation

It all starts with a free consultation. CTI’s experts take time to align clients’ goals to their adhesive capabilities. That way, nobody wastes valuable time. At the same time, they will determine the current status of your production cycle.

2. Research & Development

CTI’s research and development services are unlike any other. They work with clients in their state-of-the-art testing facility to gain valuable insight on materials and techniques. Avoid costly equipment costs by using theirs. Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations utilize this valuable service.

3. Lab Testing/Sample

CTI knows that clients often need small product samples. They have extensive machinery and equipment to produce these samples. Often times, they provide these samples at no charge. Or, they would charge a minimal amount for specialty material products.

4. Pilot Trial Run

Start with a pilot trial before spending money on a full run. Ensure materials and techniques are adequate for full production. This is yet another way that clients can make sure their product is ready for the market.

5. Production

After testing and pilot programs are complete, full production can begin. CTI’s experts will help throughout the process. They have helped companies in the automotive, medical, construction, furniture industries, and many more.

A Consultative Partner You Can Trust

More than anything, CTI strives to be a true, consultative partner on whom manufacturers can depend. That’s why they offer so many value-added services. They don’t just want to take customers’ money and run. CTI’s experts want to build partnerships that are mutually beneficial and sustainable. Simply fill out their easy-to-use quote form and they will be in touch. The first step will be to make sure that your project is a match for their services. That way, neither party wastes time going down a road that won’t lead to success. From there, they will help guide you every step of the way and make improvements throughout.

So, contact them today at 419-924-5566 for a free quote to start on your next project.