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laminating technologiesConversion Technologies International (CTI) offers some of the most advanced laminating technologies available today. They offer adhesive coating and slitting & die cutting service. But their core expertise is in lamination services. For decades, they’ve helped manufacturers strengthen and add value to their products. Best of all, they are a true, consultative partner that will help companies do the job right. Reach out to them today for a free quote to start your next project.

Laminating Technologies

CTI offers a wide range of laminating technologies and techniques. They use several processes that utilize bulk adhesives with controlled amounts to control costs. Their experts can perform hot roll lamination, adhesive film, web-type adhesives or powdered adhesives for a stretchable, breathable lamination.

They also have the ability to laminate sheet goods with a belt laminator or in roll form. Specifications include a maximum roll weight of 2,000 lbs., a maximum width of 120 inches, and varying length runs. Custom laminating jobs require capable equipment and engineering expertise. CTI has both and they know how to match the lamination process to the desired results.

Lamination Services:

  • Contract work
  • Large format
  • Toll and wide web toll laminations

Laminating Methods:

  • One- or two-sided
  • Rotary screen
  • Slot die hot melt
  • Hot roll
  • Thermoplastic adhesive
  • Meyer-rod coating
  • Water-based gravure
  • Hot-melt gravure
  • Knife-over-roll

A Process That Puts Customers First

Of course, technology is only valuable if operators understand how to utilize it to its maximum potential. That’s why CTI incorporates a patented process that combines creativity with capability. The result is a five-step process that helps clients fine-tune products and prepare for the market.

  • 1—Initial Consultation—it all starts with a free consultation. The expert team at CTI will meet with you to understand your objective. They will make sure that their capabilities match those objectives before ever beginning a project. That way, clients don’t lose valuable time in the pre-production phase.
  • 2—Research & Development—CTI clients benefit from a state-of-the-art testing facility available for testing. Here, clients gain valuable insights on processes, techniques and materials that will save time and money. Startups, Fortune 500 corporations, and companies in between all take advantage of this service.
  • 3—Lab Testing/Sample—a sample is a valuable step in any stage of the process. CTI’s equipment makes it easy to print samples. Often, they don’t even charge for these samples. Of course, if a client requires more specialized needs, they assess a nominal fee.
  • 4—Pilot Trial Run—try a pilot trial before committing to a full production. Once again, clients can test materials or techniques that will work best for their project. That way, products will be ready by the time they hit the market.
  • 5—Production—after all other steps, production can begin. Clients can expect a smooth run since the CTI team has helped iron out all bugs before this stage. Clients in the automotive, medical, construction, furniture industries, and many more use CTI.

Proven Across Multiple Industries

CTI’s solutions are perfect for products in a wide range of industries. For example, CTI recently helped a client in the personal absorbent industry. This client was in need of a moisture barrier to add strength and value to absorbent materials. The experts at CTI met with the client to thoroughly comprehend what they wanted to accomplish. Next, they laminated and trimmed the materials. Finally, CTI delivered the product in the form of four-foot diameter rolls. The client was able to improve its product using help received from CTI.

Similarly, CTI helps many clients in the automotive industry. For example, an automotive client recently asked for help with a unique set of challenges. The client needed a 1” non-woven material compressed by 80%. CTI was able to do the compressing, then laminate this material to aluminum and then sheet it. Moreover, CTI completed the job in record time, allowing the client to meet a volume of 400,000 parts per year. CTI was able to help when no other firm could.

So, give the experts at CTI a call today at 419-924-5566 to see how they can help with your next project.