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Toll ManufacturingManufacturers face no shortage of challenges. Deadlines, equipment failure, evolving products, and more threaten a company’s success. Luckily, there is a company that offers a full range of services to help manufacturers of all sizes succeed. Conversion Technologies International (CTI) is a toll manufacturer ready and able to help manufacturers improve products. They offer their expertise in solving even the most difficult adhesive manufacturing problems. Plus, they offer additional capability and capacity to a manufacturer’s operation. Best of all, CTI seamlessly fits into any manufacturing process for a smooth and successful partnership. Check out what makes CTI such a valuable partner below.

What is a Toll Manufacturer Anyway?

A toll manufacturer is a partner that can be of great value to a traditional manufacturer. Let’s say that the ABC Company has designed a new product. During production, they discover that the product needs additional components to be successful. However, the ABC Company lacks the equipment and know-how to add these features. What are they to do? Invest in expensive machinery? Spend months, if not longer, training their workforce for these new capabilities? Scrap their plans altogether? Neither of these options is very appealing. This is where toll manufacturing comes in handy.

CTI can offer the ABC Company the perfect solution. CTI can take possession of the semi-finished product. Then, according to client specifications, they can finish the product. CTI can then return the product to the manufacturer or forward on to a retailer. This situation is highly beneficial for numerous reasons. First, the ABC Company saves significant money since it doesn’t have to invest in expensive new machinery. Second, they save valuable time in the process since they don’t have to hold the product until the workforce is ready. Third, they take advantage of CTI’s unmatched expertise and experience.

CTI offers numerous advantages to its clients. That includes being a fully-licensed toll manufacturer. This is a company that is experienced, and also compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations. It also means ensuring that all workplaces, equipment, and personnel are up to code. CTI is an industry leader, in large part, because of its focus on and commitment to these areas.

Hands-On So Clients Don’t Have to Be

There’s a lot that experience can teach a company that money can’t buy. One of the things that makes CTI the industry leader is their vast experience. They understand that clients have their hands full. After all, no one understands better the ins and outs of manufacturing products full time. This is precisely why CTI offers services that help clients lighten this load and be more productive.

Some clients need more help than others. Maybe a newer company has been manufacturing a product that has lost its edge on the competition. That company could benefit from testing out new materials and techniques to improve its product. Similarly, maybe a company is launching a new product and isn’t sure about which materials would work best. CTI can help any client test and refine their products until they are ready to be successful in the marketplace.

However, other clients have refined their process, determined their materials, and more. In these cases, they do not need improvements, testing, or any of the other unique services CTI can help with. They simply want a trusted partner to take a hands-on approach so that they can be hands-off. Sometimes, a company just requires additional capacity. Maybe they have their hands full with other projects. Or, maybe the client has run out of production space but needs to meet demand. In any case, CTI can be as hands-on as clients need them to be. Once initial parameters are set, CTI can take it the rest of the way. They can even take care of shipping—both back to the manufacturer or on to the next step in the supply chain.

This approach is informed by their tried and true process for helping each and every client.

Process-Driven Results

CTI uses a unique, five-step process that helps ensure success for each and every customer. Check out this process below:

  1. Initial Consultation—the initial consultation is where it all starts. At this time, CTI tries to match their capabilities to customers’ needs. Their experts will work to understand clients’ exact needs and even suggest some possible solutions. In the event they can’t help, they will let customers know so as to not waste their valuable time.
  2. Research & Development—this step offers additional value for all CTI clients. Maybe a product would benefit from a different material. Perhaps different equipment would yield improved results. This is the step to determine possibilities. Clients can take advantage of CTI’s state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Plus, each step is overseen by CTI’s expert team.
  3. Lab Testing/Sample—a sample can be produced during any of these stages. Sometimes, inspecting a sample by hand, up close is the only way to check a particular aspect of a product. Best of all, CTI charges little to nothing to produce these samples, based on materials required.
  4. Pilot Run—a pilot run can save time, money, and resources. For a variety of reasons, unexpected results can occur during production. A pilot run can help expose potential flaws so that they can be improved before a full run. Plus, they can be solved quickly and cheaply at this stage.
  5. Production—a full production run should only come after results have been checked and then rechecked. And that’s exactly how CTI does it. After all, this is the most expensive step, so any potential problems should be solved before production. That way, clients can rest assured knowing their product will come out ready for success.

Ideal for Clients in a Range of Industries

Manufacturers of all sizes face challenges. It doesn’t matter how big or small, challenges are the one constant. Likewise, companies of all sizes need a partner they can rely on and turn to for help. CTI prides itself on being that partner to a wide variety of companies and takes that responsibility very seriously. That’s why they offer a wide range of services and expert guidance at each turn. Their experts can help with everything from design to production. Best of all, they focus on providing clients a smooth process for a sustainable partnership. And they are experienced in doing this as temporary projects or on an ongoing basis. That’s why companies from startups to Fortune 500 corporations take advantage of CTI’s expertise. They have helped some of the biggest companies in the country, including

  • Ford
  • Clorox
  • Dupont
  • Firestone
  • Hanes
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Valspar
  • and many more

What sets CTI apart, though, is not the ability to help only big-name manufacturers. CTI is unique because they offer the same value to a small manufacturer as they do to a large one. In fact, they take pride in helping smaller, local companies. After all, big companies often have tons of resources at their disposal. Smaller ones often face more challenges and need expert capabilities and guidance. That’s exactly what CTI seeks to provide. Sure, they help global auto manufacturers fine-tune their products. But CTI also helps a regional roofing company improve its shingles. Plus, they help local furniture manufacturers create better products. No company—or job—is too big or too small for this level of attention. In short, manufacturers of all sizes can benefit from the services and the flexible facility that CTI offers its clients. It’s one of the many ways CTI has built itself into the industry leader.

Don’t Just Take Their Word for It

Of course, any company can make promises. CTI focuses on delivering for customers. That’s why they offer prospective clients the ability to see for themselves. They have dedicated a section of their website for customer success stories. So, new clients can see how CTI has solved challenges for other clients. Check out a few of these below:

  • Compression & Lamination for the Automotive Industry.— an automotive client recently needed custom compressing and laminating services. Specifically, they needed a 1” non-woven material to be laminated to aluminum and then sheeted. The client soon found that CTI was able to deliver after multiple other firms could not. CTI analyzed the client’s problem and designed a comprehensive solution and then got the job done in record time.
  • Adhesive Coating of Fiberglass for the Wind Energy Industry—recently, a wind energy company needed an open, lightweight, fiberglass material CTI developed a process to meet the exact needs of the customer. It was so successful, in fact, that CTI quickly scaled to meet the demand of nearly 3 million feet in yearly volume.
  • Water-Based Priming of Foam for Automotive Headliners—CTI doesn’t just go through the motions. They often innovate and expand new capabilities to help clients succeed. Recently, they did just that when they developed the first pre-applied adhesive fabric for automotive headliners. But even this innovation wasn’t enough. The industry kept evolving and so did CTI’s processes for meeting demands. As a result, CTI handles wide rolls of PP closed-cell foam coated in water-based primers today. This primer is now essential in preparing foam for adhesive coatings. Plus, CTI can sheet, die cut, and hand wrap to make finished headliners.

Get Your Free Quote Today

As you have no doubt seen, CTI strives to be more than just a service supplier. They strive to be a consultative partner for clients in a variety of industries. This mission informs every aspect of their approach to doing business. It drives their determination to help clients solve even the most complex and difficult challenges. Moreover, CTI understands that every client is different. Some challenges might be the same. The equipment used to solve it is even the same. But what works for one manufacturing company doesn’t work for another. That’s because different companies have different goals. And it is these individual goals that CTI strives to help clients accomplish using their toll manufacturing services.

Of course, something that all companies have in common is the need for proper planning and amassing critical information. That includes a quote for services that will be performed. Providing a price list or even giving ranges is nearly impossible. After all, so many different factors come into play. Everything from company size to expected volume to services being performed to materials plays a part in cost.  But that doesn’t mean that prospective clients should go without this critical information. That’s why CTI has made it easy to get a free, no-obligation quote. Clients can simply fill out their quick, easy-to-use quote form. The form asks for contact information as well as an overview of needs. This allows CTI’s experts to formulate some ideas to present to potential clients.

Some clients prefer talking to an expert immediately. In this case, their experts are standing by. Just give them a call at 419-924-5566 to speak with someone today.