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Precision Die CuttingManufacturing products comes with no shortage of challenges. One of the biggest is knowing to whom one can turn when it comes to help. Luckily, there is one company striving to be a partner that clients can trust. Conversion Technologies International (CTI) has built its reputation on innovative technology and unmatched service. They offer a wide range of services to assist with manufacturing products of all type. Plus, they are experts in materials of all kinds as well. They are industry leaders in adhesive coatings, lamination services, and much more. CTI also offers precision die cutting services, a specialty in which there are few resources. If your parts or products require a cut then don’t trust just anyone. Below are some reasons that make CTI such a valuable partner.

Precision Die Cutting Services

A precision cut is extremely challenging. It requires more than just the right equipment. Extensive experience and expertise are crucial to success. Luckily, CTI has plenty of both. They developed their precision die cutting services to accommodate customers who needed this solution. Simply put, CTI has the expertise, experience, and technological capability to handle any project.

CTI has equipped its state-of-the-art facilities with multiple flat-bed die cutters. This means that they have the parts to cut from either sheet or rolled form. It also means that they have the flexibility to accommodate any job that clients may require. Their experts can cut materials up to 5/8” in thickness. It also means they can handle sheet sizes up to 40” x 60” and rolled materials up to 60” wide. But CTI also offers custom sheeting and the ability to convert many different materials to a size the client needs. These materials include cardboard, vinyl, foam, cloth, pressure-sensitive materials and much more.

Valuable for Clients in Any Industry

These services are valuable for clients in many different industries. CTI has assisted clients in the automotive, office furniture, construction, and many more industries. That diverse customer base has led them to offer the most flexible and best die cutting technologies nationwide.

Even better, they have a research and development facility to test out new techniques and ideas. And their experts are there to help with guidance every step of the way. CTI’s precision technology can handle medium and long production runs. Lead times average between one and six weeks, depending on parts and specifications.

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CTI goes beyond providing simple services. They are true, consultative partners for each and every client. It’s a big reason they offer a full range of services with added value. CTI offers an unbeatable combination of innovative technology and unparalleled customer service. Their experts will provide assistance throughout the process to ensure your satisfaction with the final product. Clients of all sizes can benefit from their services. They’ve helped everyone from startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Interested in getting some more information about how they can help? Start with their quick and easy-to-use quote form. Just spend a few seconds filling it out and they will take it from there. Their experts will be in touch with more customized information for your project.

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