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slittingMost products have to go through an extensive process before they can go out into the marketplace. Prior to shipping, they often need quite a few processes in the production area. Slitting is one common treatment many items need. To get the right service from experts, you can rely on CTI.

How Conversion Technologies International can provide the slitting services you need

For 25 years, CTI has offered an assortment of professional services, including die cutting, coating, and lamination. As a contract manufacturer, we can handle processes for which you may not want to purchase expensive machinery. You also may want to save on labor costs. Our facility utilizes modular machinery, so that we can handle many complex processes. We only use the latest and most innovative tools and equipment. For slitting purposes, we can slit from 65” wide down to 1.5”. Also, our equipment can slit a variety of different materials, such as foam, TPO, and EPDM. By using a Dusenbury machine that utilizes a guider and differential shafts, our process is efficient and fast. It allows us to provide excellent tension control as well as bookend accuracy.

No matter your business, CTI can assist with manufacturing your products. We have extensive experience with the automotive, roofing, construction, and packaging industries. The materials we have worked with include vinyl, paper, and fiberglass.

Talk to CTI about your project

If you are not quite sure what type of slitting work your project needs, just get in touch with us. We will gladly discuss specifications to find out just what you require. And if you are having some difficulties, we can also help you solve problems. There is also a testing facility onsite that lets us test materials and techniques. This gives us the ability to find out what works best to manufacture your product.

Find out what CTI offers

Above everything, we pride ourselves on combining our capabilities with creativity. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us. We will give you a quote and then go over the next steps in the process. With our customizable solutions, your products can be out for sale in as little time as possible.