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slot die coatingSlot die coating is one of the most accurate forms of coating technology available today. However, slot die coaters are still a considerable investment, particularly if your company is testing and developing new products.

That’s why it pays to use a contract manufacturer like Conversion Technologies International. We’re an industry leader in rolled goods contract manufacturing thanks to our advanced modular manufacturing capabilities. From adhesives to lamination to die cutting and slitting, we’re you’re all-in-one solution. Today we’ll take a look at slot die coating and some of its benefits.

Advantages of Slot Die Coating

The basics of a slot die are simple, but the equipment’s flexibility offers an array of advantages. An operator feeds a web onto rollers, which eventually feed it through a die. Inside the die is a positive-pressure pump that applies a coating smoothly and evenly to the web. Then, the operator mounts the die on a movable carriage. Thus, you can adjust it with great precision.

Our system’s advantages are numerous – here are a few:

  • Spreads coating across web surface with superior uniformity and consistency
  • Incredibly precise positioning and dimension adjustment
  • Drastically reduces waste and contamination of coating fluids
  • Works well on a variety of web materials

This article provides a more in-depth look at the advantages of slot die coating. If you need a truly precise and efficient coating solution, this process is a great option.

Advanced Coating from CTI

Advanced coating capability isn’t hard to find. CTI is a full-service rolled goods contract manufacturer specializing in modular manufacturing, which gives our clients superior flexibility.

Our adhesive coatings capabilities go far beyond slot die coating and include hot roll, gravure, Meyer rod, and more. We work across industries from automotive to paper goods, and coat materials from vinyl to polyester.

Start today with a custom adhesive coating or other contract manufacturing solution. Call CTI at 419-924-5566. You can also get in touch via our contact form or request a quote!