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Toll ManufacturingToll manufacturing is a specialized type of service. As such, it is one that not many providers can handle properly. When product quality is of the utmost importance, there is only one partner you can trust. Conversion Technologies International (CTI) is one of the leading toll coating companies in the world. They offer advanced adhesives and powder coating services and an unmatched commitment to service. Plus, they work with many different material and chemical types during production runs.

Toll Manufacturing – What is it?

To fully understand the value of CTI’s services, it is important to understand exactly what toll coating is. Toll coating is a type of toll manufacturing wherein one company receives a service for a fee from another. The first company provides raw, or semi-finished, goods to a third-party service provider. This provider then performs a service to enhance or add to a product so that the first company can sell them on the market. Typically, the service provider has specialized equipment or chemical expertise that makes this arrangement beneficial for both parties. Quality is essential to this process, throughout the entire production run.

Toll manufacturing differs from basic contract manufacturing in a few key ways. Chief among them is that contract manufacturing outsources products to a third-party. Unlike toll manufacturing, however, the contract manufacturer typically provides the raw materials. The contract manufacturer produces a custom, or white-label, product for the client. Similarly, contract manufacturers often package the product for sale and often ship directly from their facilities. Therefore, toll manufacturers act more as partners for companies that need specialized equipment or services.

A Wide Range of Services

CTI offers a wide range of services for clients. They specialize in three areas:

  • Lamination—when laminating two or more materials, technique and application is crucial to success. CTI is familiar with all types of techniques. Plus, they have the experience to know which ones will work best in any given situation. Moreover, they can even laminate materials using water-based adhesives and water-based equipment that includes gravure roll, knife-over-roll, and Meyer rod.
  • Adhesive Coatings—adhesive coatings can add strength, waterproofing, pressure sensitivity, and much more. They employ multiple processing techniques to handle any challenge clients face. Their specialized equipment and expertise are perfect for clients in the automotive, construction, roofing materials, furniture industries and more. They are also familiar with acrylic, acetate, latex, neoprene, silicone, urethane and many other materials.
  • Slitting and Die Cutting—few companies offer slitting and die cutting services. CTI offers this as an extension of their other services. Their equipment includes several flat-bed die cutters, which allow them the unique ability to cut from sheet or rolled form. Moreover, customization is nearly endless. They can cut materials up to 5/8” in thickness. Also, they can accommodate sheet sizes up to 40” X 60” and rolled materials up to 60” wide.

Make Sure Your Product is Ready

Ensure that your product is ready for market with help from CTI. Their experts are true, consultative partners for manufacturers of all kinds. From design to full production runs, they can help improve your product every step of the way. That’s because they know that quality is only as good as the company standing behind it. Their experts will offer guidance and support through every step of the process. In the end, clients have a better product that is more than ready for the market. It is in its best form because experts have examined all aspects of the process.

As a testament to this approach, CTI offers clients a state-of-the-art research and development facility. Clients can experiment with new laminating materials and techniques. Furthermore, they can try out different chemical combinations to see which is right. There’s no need to invest in expensive equipment. Or the training required to use this type of machinery. Thus, partner with CTI and let their experts get the job done right.

It’s no wonder that companies from startups to Fortune 500 corporations take advantage of this valuable service. Want to begin? Simply fill out their easy-to-use quote form and their experts will be in touch shortly. 

Or, give them a call at 419-924-5566 to start on your next project today.