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What is Contract ManufacturingWhat is contract manufacturing – you may be wondering. Very simply, it describes an arrangement in which a business outsources a component of its manufacturing process. As with any other service, finding the right partner can be a challenge. But in a world where it’s difficult to find someone to trust, there is one partner on whom manufacturers can depend. Conversion Technologies International (CTI) strives to be a partner throughout the process of manufacturing. They are one of the top contract manufacturing companies in the country. CTI uses a variety of processing techniques and offers a broad range of adhesives to meet the specific needs of customers. Plus, they are always pushing the envelope when it comes to new technologies and methods. So, check out all they have to offer below or give them a call for more information.

What is Contract Manufacturing and What are Its Benefits?

Wondering what is contract manufacturing and how can it benefit my business? It is a simple, yet mutually beneficial arrangement. Let’s say a manufacturer is readying a product for market but needs a laminate coating or other additional process. They are aware of their needs but lack the equipment or knowledge as to how to handle the particular process. Rather than invest in expensive machinery or manpower, they outsource to a contract manufacturer like CTI.

CTI provides a laminate, adhesive coating, or other service based on materials from the manufacturer. CTI then finishes the product and returns it to the manufacturer. The product is now ready for the market, fully-prepared for success. This is one of the most significant ways a manufacturer can improve business operations. It’s also a process that CTI has been offering for many years. They take pride in their impressive list of Fortune 500 clients in a broad range of industries.  

Lamination Services

Laminating is one of the most common types of contract manufacturing. It involves adding materials together for added strength or functionality. CTI knows that technique is crucial to successful lamination. That’s why they offer a wide range of lamination services. Whereas other companies only provide materials in roll form, CTI can laminate sheet goods with a belt laminator. They can even use bulk adhesives with controlled amounts to stay on budget.

They specialize in hot roll lamination and web-type adhesives. Specifications include a maximum roll weight of 2,000 lbs., a maximum width of 120 inches, and varying length runs. Since they have all state-of-the-art equipment, they can handle whatever thickness clients require. Of course, time-line varies by requirements, but they will work to get your project completed on time and on budget.

Adhesive Coatings

CTI is the industry leader in adhesive coatings. They are familiar with all of the latest techniques to handle any challenge from clients. Plus, they have specialized equipment for customers in all industries. They can process acrylic, latex, neoprene, silicone, urethane, and much more. From hot melts to water-based, thermoplastic to water-repellent or fire-retardant, they can handle it. Their facility includes hot air drying and room temperature curing to supply all adhesive processes.

Slitting and Die Cutting Services

Not many companies offer slitting and die cutting services. CTI developed this offering as an extension of solving customers’ needs. Their advanced facility has several flat-bed die cutters, which allows them the unique ability to cut from sheet or rolled form. The possibilities for customization are virtually endless. They can cut materials up to 5/8” in thickness. Also, they can accommodate sheet sizes up to 40” x 60” and rolled materials up to 60” wide.

Trust the Industry Leader

As a consultative partner, CTI can help make sure your product is ready before it hits the market. From design to production, their experts can help every step of the way. They have a state-of-the-art facility that has the latest technology and machinery. Plus, their experts are standing by to offer guidance and assistance throughout the process and beyond. You just supply your specifications and they can help with the rest.

Many products fail when they first hit the market. Often, this is because of a defect or inconsistency. Don’t be one of those companies whose product fails immediately. Let the experts at CTI help make sure it’s ready, by utilizing their research and development facility. Clients can experiment with new laminating materials and techniques. Don’t invest in heavy equipment—use theirs! Plus, receive training and help with every aspect. No matter what business you’re in, this step will prove invaluable.

It’s why companies from startups to Fortune 500 corporations take advantage of their valuable services. Just fill out their easy-to-use quote form and their experts will be in touch shortly. 

Or, give them a call at 419-924-5566 to start on your next project today.