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international contract manufacturingThe global market for rolled and sheet goods is livelier and more competitive than ever. Keeping up requires flexible and powerful solutions to keep your supply chains and production lines humming. Solutions for lamination, adhesive application, and die cutting are in high demand. Thanks to our unique modular manufacturing process, Conversion Technologies International specializes in creating international contract manufacturing solutions!

What are the services that CTI provides that have enabled us to help so many clients? Moreover, how can you apply them to help maintain a resilient and efficient supply chain? Today, we’ll look at some of those questions.

Why We Do What We Do

For decades, contract manufacturing has provided vital services to companies of all kinds. As one article explains, contract manufacturing is key for expanding your firm’s capacity in a smart and flexible way. A good contract manufacturer can help create targeted solutions that do one or all of the following:

  • Improve ability to fulfill orders in a timely manner
  • Help focus investment in your core capacities by reducing the need to invest in technology outside your sphere
  • Assist with product development by providing expanded capacity and technical expertise

However, doing business with a contract manufacturer requires trust and relationship-building, so know who you’re working with. At CTI, we’re happy to tell you exactly who we are.

CTI is a company from West Unity, Ohio, located in the heart of America’s manufacturing region. We wanted to create a contract manufacturing company that combined old-fashioned Midwestern quality with cutting-edge manufacturing processes. To that end, we focused on investing in technologies as adaptable as they are powerful.

Today, both the lamination and adhesives industry know us for our ability to help our clients overcome manufacturing challenges. It could be filling a large order on short notice or working through R&D challenges on a product innovation. Whatever your needs, CTI is ready to help take them on!

International Contract Manufacturing Services We Provide

We work with clients all over the world to help them achieve success in rolled and sheet goods manufacturing. Our specialty is providing performance-focused technology solutions through an adaptable and responsive manufacturing process. CTI focuses in three main areas of rolled goods conversion manufacturing:

  • Adhesive Coatings: Many key functions of rolled goods require adhesive coating, such as waterproofing, heat resistance, pressure-sensitive adhesion, and more. In fact, we create customized adhesive coating solutions for a huge range of methods, materials, and substrates.
  • Custom Lamination: Combining two or more layers of material into a single product is the key process for manufacturing many rolled goods. Our capabilities enable us to achieve quality results for clients like this automotive manufacturer. Thanks to our custom lamination expertise, the client overcame previous difficulties and successfully brought a new product to market.
  • Slitting and Die Cutting: These functions are an essential part of the finishing process for many rolled and sheet goods. Our flatbed die presses are a versatile and powerful tool that enables us to custom-cut materials to clients’ specs.

Our Five-Step Process for Success

CTI employs a proven five-step method for contract manufacturing success. Our steps include:

1. Initial Consultation. We meet with you to determine your specific needs and ensure that we’re the right fit.

2. Research and Development. Our modular manufacturing process means we can help fine-tune your product in ways many manufacturers can’t.

3. Lab Testing and Samples. CTI creates samples of your product for quality testing and market research, often with no additional charge.

4. Pilot Trial Run. With our flexible setup, most clients can closely simulate their final manufacturing process to help resolve any issues.

5. Production. Many of our clients use our facilities for final production, thanks to our 25+ years of experience and industry-leading capacity.

We want to start putting our processes and capabilities to work for you! Our international contract manufacturing expertise can create your ideal lamination, adhesives, or die cutting solution. For a free quote and consultation, call CTI today at 419-924-5566 or contact us online.