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hot melt laminationMost people probably do not think about the manufacturing process of the products they buy. However, the companies behind them certainly do. Production can be a complicated process, often made up of many different facets. In many cases, adhesion is one key element. But when two different materials have to be bound together, this can be difficult. Of course, it all depends on the materials involved and the desired result. Fortunately, there are a variety of techniques that can work. Hot melt lamination is one that can be particularly effective.

When manufacturers encounter difficult production issues, they usually choose to contract those processes to companies such as Conversion Technologies International. Therefore, we have made the investment in highly technical equipment and knowledgeable experts. Our experience and resources are available to handle complex production issues involving adhesives, lamination, slitting and die cutting.

So, by utilizing our services, companies actually save money by avoiding major investments in equipment that may not provide optimal results. In addition, our experience extends to many industries, including manufacturers of automobiles, roofing materials and consumer products.

What is Hot Melt Lamination Exactly?

This lamination uses adhesive dots placed on the surface of one material in order to bond it with another. Because of that, this process also often goes by the name of dot lamination. Hot melt lamination is useful for binding the same material or two different types.

Lamination involving hot melt utilizes a gravure process. This entails putting the adhesive into a heated trough. Then, when it achieves the right viscosity, the gravure roll – which rotates and has cavities –touches the trough. Those cavities then fill up with the adhesive and the roll rotates. The two materials then become joined together.

CTI: The Lamination Experts

Hot melt lamination is one of the best methods for ensuring that materials bind together as they should. So, if you are not sure if this technique is right for your product, CTI can help answer that question. We employ some of the top adhesive experts. In addition, our state-of-the-art testing facilities utilize the best tools and equipment. Therefore, we are fully prepared to do extensive research and testing to determine the best solution for your product.

And, if hot melt won’t work, we have many other adhesive choices, include water-based options. Also, we offer many other services, including slitting and die cutting. Today, please contact us to discuss your current project and get a quote.