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laminating servicesLaminating services can be pricey and require a considerable outlay for specialized equipment and materials. For these reasons, many firms in the rolled goods industry use contract manufacturing companies to perform specialized lamination processes. Conversion Technologies International offers industry-leading solutions to production line challenges for laminated goods.

CTI exemplifies the best qualities of a good conversion manufacturer:

  • Flexibility
  • Responsiveness
  • Creativity
  • Advanced Capacity

Read on to discover how we put these principles to work for our clients every day!

Laminating Services from CTI

CTI offers an industry-leading range of lamination technology. Among our assets are the items below.

  • A modular manufacturing system enables CTI to easily reconfigure processes — crucial for R&D projects and small-run products.
  • We source materials through an extensive network of manufacturers, allowing us to find you the best goods and best deals.
  • Lamination technologies available include:
    • Gravure coating
    • Hot roll lamination
    • Powdered adhesive lamination
    • Water-based adhesive lamination, including knife-over-roll and Meyer rod coating.
  • We can laminate all common and many specialized substrates, including petrochemical plastics, fabric, rubber, and many more.

Our advanced capabilities help our clients trust us with their most critical needs. Whether you’re developing a new product or filling a production gap, CTI can be your go-to contract manufacturer. Let’s look at how CTI turned things around for one client.

Innovation in Action: Laminating Non-Woven to Aluminum

A client in the automotive industry approached us with specifications for a new product. The design necessitated drastic compression of non-woven material, followed by lamination to aluminum and sheeting for mass production.

The initial outlook was not promising. Other contract manufacturers had failed to deliver the product to spec. This client was no longer even sure that the desired results were possible. But things changed when CTI took over.

CTI was able to identify and solve issues in the manufacturing process and quickly produce a prototype to spec. We designed an easily-scalable process that allowed us to reach manufacturing volume of 400,000 units per year. Our advanced quality control systems enabled us to monitor thickness throughout the process and manufacture the product with great consistency.

How CTI Drives Success

This story is typical of what CTI does every day. We identify the key factors of success, help design a process that supports them, and get big results for clients. It’s why we’re one of the nation’s leading contract manufacturers for the rolled goods industry.

If you’re ready to see real results, CTI wants to hear from you. Call us at 419-924-5566 or contact us for a free quote. We can handle laminating services and many other contract manufacturing requirements, including R&D projects.