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adhesive technologiesThere are no shortages of challenges when it comes to manufacturing. Making successful products depends on so much going right. That’s why Conversion Technologies International (CTI) offers impactful solutions that clients can rely on. CTI is well-known in the industry for their innovation in adhesive technologies and more. They are experts in all adhesive materials and sealants and have unmatched expertise in this area. CTI can create opportunities to improve the entire value chain for clients. They offer a competitive advantage on their solutions and services. From determining the right materials to innovative solutions around packaging and more, CTI can help. So, check out what makes CTI a truly consultative partner focused on client success.

Adhesive Technologies

Here is an interesting article explaining the science behind adhesion and bonding. CTI has decades of experience in adhesive technologies and how to use them for client success. They are well-versed in a wide range of adhesive coatings and more. Clients benefit from this experience through expert guidance and state-of-the-art equipment. CTI’s experts can help clients decide on the best adhesives for their particular projects. Need to label a container? They can recommend the perfect adhesive to withstand any application. Wondering what the difference is between adhesive and glue? Their experts can provide a simple explanation. They have faced a variety of unique issues and know how to resolve any challenge clients might face.

CTI can handle a wide range of materials, including:

  • Acrylic
  • Latex
  • Acetate
  • Neoprene
  • Silicone
  • Urethane
  • And many more!

CTI can also process many different classes of coatings. From hot melt to water-based, thermoplastic to water-repellent or fire-retardant, they can handle it. Their facility includes hot air drying and room temperature curing to handle all adhesive processes. That means they can raise cure temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, they can accommodate widths up to 120 inches and rolls that weight up to 2,000 pounds. They can even apply adhesive coating from less than one millimeter up to 60 millimeters.

The Industry Leader

In order to be an industry leader, it takes many different elements. This is especially true when it comes to manufacturing. First and foremost, a company has to have a wide range of capabilities. That means being experts in equipment, technology, processes, and materials. Second, an industry leader should be experienced and knowledgeable. Expertise needs to translate into success for clients. Third, they should have the flexibility it takes to tackle new challenges. Luckily, CTI has all of these elements and many more. They work with clients of all sizes to determine the right materials, techniques, equipment and production variables to solve every issue. Most importantly, they rely on a proven process to adjust and refine in order to produce the best possible product.

This type of expertise is so important in the manufacturing industry. As most manufacturers know, the plain fact is that most new products fail. It may be unfortunate, but it is, nonetheless, reality in this business. That means that even good products can fail. So, it’s imperative that manufacturers ensure that products are as strong as possible before hitting the market. CTI is a true, consultative partner that can offer the capabilities and expertise to make that happen. With CTI’s help, clients can test and refine products until they’re ready to be successful. Or, clients can improve existing products to gain an edge on the competition. Working with CTI provides a competitive advantage that is downright necessary to succeed in today’s world.

Hands-On So Clients Don’t Have to Be

CTI has decades of experience helping manufacturers. They can help newer companies find the right materials for products. But they can also help companies by offering expertise and equipment. So, clients can use them as an extension of their own facilities. All the while, clients can benefit from CTI’s expertise.

But, let’s be honest. Most manufacturers probably have enough experience to know what they’re doing. Benefitting from CTI’s help doesn’t change that. In fact, most experienced manufacturers know that the most important thing is getting the job done right and on time. And if CTI can help accomplish that goal, most manufacturers would welcome it. So how can CTI help an experienced manufacturer? The answer is simple: by offering a process that is convenient, efficient, and self-sufficient. Sometimes, all a manufacturer needs is a resource to handle a sudden spike in volume that they can’t handle with the equipment and manpower available to them. 

In fact, CTI can be entirely self-sufficient after just a few initial meetings with clients. Most manufacturing firms have their hands full. The last thing they need is taking on the time required to train and get a partner up to speed. CTI understands this better than anyone. That’s why they offer a hands-off, passive approach for their customers. After the project details are established, CTI can take it from there. This allows clients to focus on other tasks. And they can rest assured that CTI will get the job done right.

But what about when the product is finished and it needs to be shipped? CTI’s experts are well-versed in shipping challenges, too. In fact, they can be as flexible as clients need them to be. That goes for everything from taking possession of raw materials to finishing them to returning to the client on time. Want to save time? CTI can forward to the retail or distribution center, saving time and money in their clients’ supply chain.

A Process That Yields Results

When it comes to success in manufacturing, the name of the game is precision and the ability to repeat success. It takes dialing in the right settings on the right equipment to get the best results. CTI has the expertise it takes to make this process both successful and repeatable. This is due, in large part, to their unique, five-step process that maximizes success for all clients. Check out the steps of this process below:

  1. Initial Consultation—an initial consultation is the right first step in any project. During this step, CTI aligns their capabilities with clients’ goals to make sure they are a match. This meeting can also serve as the foundation for a successful working relationship. Best of all, with CTI, this initial consultation is always free.
  2. Research & Development—what happens when a product needs some tweaking? Instead of shutting down production and wasting time and money, CTI can help find the right changes. They offer state-of-the-art facilities to help clients test the right materials and methods.
  3. Lab Testing/Sample—often, clients want or need to hold a product in their hands to truly gauge it. So, CTI offers the ability to produce samples at any stage of this process. Plus, costs are often minimal or even free, depending on materials used.
  4. Pilot Run—once the right materials are found, a pilot run is the next step. Compared to jumping into full production, a pilot run can ensure successful operation. If there is a problem, it can be solved quickly, easily, and cheaply during the step.
  5. Production—once all other steps are completed, production can begin. Using this process, clients can ensure that production is smooth and there are no unexpected problems. It’s one of the most valuable ways CTI helps clients succeed.

The Value of Research & Development

One of the things that CTI prides itself on is its cutting-edge innovation. That goes for everything from unmatched expertise to state-of-the-art equipment. And that sentiment comes to life at their headquarters, which features the latest, most capable technology in the industry. Any client looking for help with new methods or materials can find it at CTI.

Maybe a client is curious as to how a new material will affect its product. Or, perhaps a client wants to see how adhesive bonding will work with new materials and how it will affect the production cycle. No matter what the challenge is, CTI can help clients find the answer. Their experts work with clients to find the solution that’s right for any product. Best of all, a need for adhesive application can be done without the huge investment in time and money it would ordinarily take. Buying new equipment and training people to use it can cost upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Save that cost and take advantage of all that CTI has to offer in the form of adhesive solutions and their innovation capabilities.

Clients can utilize CTI’s research and development facilities and equipment to make the most of any project. No matter what stage of production the product is in, CTI can offer ways to improve it. Their experts can help with developing materials and bonding requirements. Plus, they can guide every step of the way with their unmatched knowledge. That means that clients can take full advantage of CTI’s facilities, labs, equipment, and expertise. This is a huge, value-added service that very few companies in any industry offer. It’s also why CTI has so many satisfied customers of all sizes.

Benefits to Clients – From Startups to Fortune 500 Companies

CTI has built its success on providing an innovative process. One of the keys to this process is its scalability. This means that it can help everyone from small clients to large ones. In fact, they’ve helped companies from startups to Fortune 500 corporations with their innovative solutions. That means they have helped huge companies like Ford and Clorox. But it also means that they can help the local or regional manufacturer. In fact, these smaller companies may be able to benefit even more from CTI’s help. By utilizing the facilities at CTI, small companies can eliminate the need for major investments in machinery and technical staff. Using the expertise and equipment available at CTI allows companies to utilize funds for other projects.

That’s why CTI is so proud of their track record of helping clients of all sizes. In fact, they believe that nothing speaks louder than they job they’ve done for other clients. That’s why they have a section of their website dedicated to their many success stories helping other clients. Here, potential clients can see how they’ve helped other clients solve problems. Chances are, new clients will see very practical ways they can take advantage of CTI’s services. But at the very least, it will prove that CTI can solve a wide array of challenges for clients.

Get a Free Quote Today

Of course, it can be difficult to provide list prices for the services CTI provides. After all, there are so many variables involved that no two jobs are exactly alike. And that is beneficial to customers, as well. What is right for one project may be totally wrong for another one. But that doesn’t stop CTI from offering prospective clients a quick and convenient way to get more information. Just fill out their easy-to-use quote form and their experts will be in touch.  The form asks for some basic information like contact information. But it also asks for some more details on the project. This way, they can have some ideas and hit the ground running when they contact clients.

Or, if you’d prefer to talk to a real person, give them a call at 419-924-5566 to speak with an expert today.