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contract coatingFor over two decades, companies have come to CTI for their contract coating needs. We offer a variety of different solutions and techniques. Our equipment consists of the latest tools and machinery, and our technicians are extremely knowledgeable about all coating issues. In addition, we have designed our facility using a modular blueprint. This allows us to quickly re-configure the equipment as needed to handle unique projects.

Our Process

At Conversion Technologies International, we utilize a five-step process for all of our clients. First, there is a consultation to determine exactly how we can help. Our technicians and engineers want a full understanding of your product and any related issues. Then, we use our research and development facilities to determine the binding requirements of your product. We will then produce samples as we go, so we can examine our progress. The next step is a pilot trial run, which creates a product for testing and customer evaluation. Finally, we will begin the actual production.

Our clients have come to us from just about every industry segment, including airline, automobile, construction, roofing and consumer products.

Our Services

Adhesive Coatings

Whatever type of coating your product needs, we can create the best outcome. This may include a hot melt, water-based, or general coating. We can supply a coating that will add improvements, including strength and protection.


In addition to contract coating services, we also offer lamination. The laminating techniques we can use include slot die, hot roll, and gravure. We are highly familiar with, and have experience with most materials, such as fabric, rubber, and vinyl.

Slitting and Die Cutting

Slitting and die cutting are additional services we provide. Our facilities have many flat-bed die cutters, which enable us to cut from rolled or sheet form. We can work with sheet sizes of up to 40” X 60: and any rolled materials up to 60” wide. In addition, we can cut materials up to 5/8”.

Trust the Contract Coating Experts at CTI

If you are having trouble bringing your vision to actual production, get in touch with the pros at CTI. We have the experience and capabilities to help you perfect your products and get them out into the marketplace. You can tell us about your project now and we will be in touch with a free quote. Call us at 419-924-5566 or complete this form.