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fiberglass coatingsThe fiberglass coating process is not simple. Chemists formulate these coatings, and they’re shaped and molded to fit a wide variety of products. Fiberglass coatings are flexible, applicable to fabrics as easily as they are to hard surfaces. However, the manner in which companies create these coatings must also be flexible, with the product being altered for various purposes.

Mastering fiberglass coating is difficult. But before you begin to despair, know that there are companies that provide the product you seek. You just need to open your mind to the possibility of outsourcing. Focus less on how you can make these coatings internally; and more on which companies can make them for you.

What Companies Provide Fiberglass Coatings?

When you do decide to seek out fiberglass coatings, it’s often difficult to know where to begin. Your goal is to find companies that are reliable and experienced. At the same time, your suppliers must offer variety, and flexibility that will allow you to provide specifications as a client. Fiberglass coating is challenging to create, and the last thing that you want is a company that takes your order and fulfills it with dissatisfactory products.

At the same time, it’s not feasible for many businesses to produce their own fiberglass coatings. As previously mentioned, we must create fiberglass coatings with consistency. Additionally, we require complex equipment for these productions. While you could invest in this equipment for your company, you could be overpaying. Ultimately, you may not need fiberglass coating equipment for the long term. In that case, it could be wiser to outsource to a third party, which will not only have the equipment you need, but employees that know how to use it properly.

Choose a Company with Versatility

This is why companies like CTI are so reassuring to work with. We offer a wide range of laminating and coating services, and are able to execute fiberglass coating orders as a third party. Likewise, we have a proven process, ensuring not only efficiency but quality control. Additionally, our employees have experience in managing not only fiberglass coatings, but hot roll, rotary screen, and thermoplastic adhesive laminating methods, among others.

How are they able to offer such a wide range of services? By functioning as a contract manufacturer. Contract manufacturing companies are perhaps among the best options available for business owners who wish to order fiberglass coatings. But how does contract manufacturing work for you?

What Is Contract Manufacturing?

CTI has actually been a leader in contract manufacturing for quite some time. The key to understanding contract manufacturing is the word “contract”. Contract manufacturers work with clients, providing products as ordered through contracts. Essentially, a contract manufacturer takes on the physical task of production, and manages the equipment and factories necessary. Their clients can focus on fulfilling orders and selling products.

Contract manufacturing is widespread and is one of the most common forms of outsourcing in the manufacturing industry. The reason why this form of manufacturing has become so popular is that it allows small business owners to accelerate their expansion. It can take years for business owners to acquire or build factories, purchase the necessary equipment, and train employees as needed. This kind of process can destroy small businesses, and severely stunt entrepreneurship.

Find a Solution

By outsourcing, small business owners and new entrepreneurs can jumpstart production. Typically, the process will involve the potential client meeting with and vetting potential contract manufacturers. During this time, they can discuss their plans and desires with the manufacturer. CTI typically conducts an initial consultation early in the production process; during this time, you will supply information that allows us to ascertain what you need done, and how we can accomplish the task. This allows us to estimate not only the cost of the project, but the resources that we will need. Contract manufacturers can also source the materials necessary for manufacturing. Another outsourcing option called toll processing is similar. But in that case, you must provide the materials.

Often, you will provide a specific plan or formula to your contract manufacturer when discussing fiberglass coatings. CTI can analyze these plans and direct you regarding their viability. This is the time during the process that CTI can make improvements if necessary. There is not a specific formula that you as the client need to select. Rather, the specifications are up to you. CTI has the ability to create custom products and will do so as requested.

Once we finalize these plans, you can focus on marketing your business and attracting clients or buyers. It’s up to the contract manufacturer to produce.

Why is Contract Manufacturing Ideal for Fiberglass Coatings?

There are so many reasons why contract manufacturers are perfect suppliers for those in need of fiberglass coatings. As previously discussed, there is a great deal of efficiency, cost and otherwise. But in particular, the appeal of a company like CTI is that you aren’t limited to just fiberglass products.

We have the materials and facilities necessary to fulfill other coating orders. As your business grows and your needs become more complex, the ability to use a single contract manufacturer for multiple orders is highly beneficial. This will save you time. You can also rest assured knowing that the same manufacturer that provided quality fiberglass coating products will also handle your other coating and laminating orders.

We already discussed an initial consultation kicking off the process. Why not give us a call at 419-524-5566? To save time, you can also contact us online. Fiberglass coatings are complicated to produce; but you don’t have to do so internally.