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hot melt laminationAlso called hot melt gravure or dot lamination, hot melt lamination can be a very important component of production. The technique is frequently the best way to adhere different materials to one another. This form of lamination is also one of the specialties of Conversion Technologies International.

What Does the Hot Melt Lamination Process Entail?

The hot melt laminating process utilizes tiny adhesive dots placed on the surface of a material. Then, these dots have heat applied to them until they reach the right viscosity. Next, a rotating gravure role goes over them to fill the indentions in the roll. As a result, the combination of temperature and pressure allows two materials to bond together.

Which Industries Can Benefit From this Type of Lamination?

Hot melt lamination can be beneficial for almost any type of manufacturing industry. Because different components or pieces frequently need binding, hot melt laminating is usually a great option. Of course, this is one of the advantages of working with a company like CTI. Not only do we provide expert lamination services, we have state-of-the-art testing facilities. This means that we have the capabilities to determine the best adhesion process for your specific product. Therefore, if lamination using hot melts doesn’t work well, then we will research to find a solution that will.

Let CTI Help You Overcome Your Adhesive Hurdles

For years, the experts at CTI have helped numerous companies with adhesion and lamination. In fact, as a contractor, many major corporations approach us with their innovations. Then, our engineers develop the most efficient manufacturing techniques for the new product. Thus, by using our expertise and equipment, the client saves the initial R&D process. They do not invest in machinery and equipment until the production details have been finalized. In fact, we work with businesses in many different industries, including automotive, roofing, packaging, consumer products and construction. Plus, we have a lot of experience with several substrates, such as foam, fabric, latex, and polyester.

Not sure if hot melt laminating is right for your product? Send us a message through our online form and tell us about your project. We will let you know how we can help and also give you a free quote.