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tolling servicesEveryone likes to have as much control over their business’s processes as possible. Yet, at times you may need the services of a toll manufacturer. It can be a little intimidating to begin outsourcing manufacturing services. Ultimately, this is not only the right decision for your business, but potentially the best way to move it forward.

However, it’s natural to have a few questions before you enter into a tolling agreement. Let’s dive into a few of them below.

What Are Tolling Services?

It’s crucial for you to have a full understanding of tolling services. A tolling service provider takes on the responsibility of manufacturing or refining products for their clients in exchange for a fee. Usually, the toll manufacturer receives and processes unrefined raw materials. Additionally, tolling manufacturers utilize specialized equipment that their clients may not own.

A wide variety of industries employ tolling services. Conversion Technologies International, Inc. offers services including die-cutting, slitting, coating, and lamination for clients in industries as diverse as construction, textiles, roofing, and much more. For a variety of reasons, it can be more cost- and time-efficient for you to contract with a toll manufacturer, rather than processing materials on-site. Toll servicing allows you to extend the reach of your business without employing an additional team or buying additional equipment.

Furthermore, toll manufacturing is particularly useful when a surge in demand occurs. You may not always be able to predict when you will experience a surge in demand; but you can ensure that the demand is met through a toll processor.

You may already be familiar with contract manufacturing. Although contract manufacturing seems to be the same process as toll servicing, there are a few differences that business owners need to be aware of.

How Does Contract Manufacturing Work?

Similar to toll manufacturing, contract manufacturing allows business owners to outsource their processing and manufacturing needs. However, contract manufacturing differs from tolling services somewhat in terms of execution. When working with a contract manufacturer, you as the client would not be responsible for procuring the materials necessary for the final product. A toll manufacturer would be solely responsible for the processing of the raw materials themselves, while you would procure those materials.

There are pros and cons to each process, and it’s important that you evaluate both contract and toll manufacturing before you make a final decision regarding which services you need. Toll manufacturing allows you to have control over the materials used, which also allows you to control their quality and their pricing. Furthermore, even if the prices of the raw materials change, the toll manufacturer will not raise their fees. The “toll” has already been finalized in that case and will not change.

Conversely, contract manufacturing cuts out the process of selecting the raw materials. You don’t need to procure the raw materials, with the manufacturer supplying them. Fortunately, CTI, Inc. offers both contract and tolling services!

Who Is the Best Toll Manufacturer?

When working within the booming world of industrial manufacturing, you will probably need to work with a toll manufacturer at one point or another. The question is, who is the best toll manufacturer? Moreover, how can you identify a good toll manufacturer before signing a toll processing agreement? There are a few things that you should look for.

First, make the quality levels that you expect perfectly clear to any toll manufacturers you are considering. Have examples and parameters in mind, and directly ask the toll manufacturer about how they will meet your expectations. Quality control is perhaps the most important factor that toll manufacturers are responsible for. It is something that CTI, Inc. takes very seriously. We employ highly-qualified engineers and technicians and work with cutting-edge technology in order to ensure that our final products not only meet, but exceed the standards set forth by our clients. CTI evaluates and tests new materials and equipment before they are put into use, with the strictest quality standards.

Flexibility is also key. A toll manufacturer needs to be able to respond quickly and efficiently within the unpredictable world of manufacturing. Therefore, we employ a modular structure. This approach allows CTI, Inc. to respond rapidly to the custom needs of our clients. We act less as a typical outsourcing facility and more as an extension of the client. A toll manufacturer must be able to adapt to your specific requirements, and CTI, Inc. is able to do just that. As you test new marketplaces, CTI, Inc. offers both long- and short-term production runs, making modifications as needed.

Moving Forward with Toll Manufacturing

There is no single “type” of business that can benefit from toll manufacturing. At CTI, Inc. we work with startups as well as well-established companies. Although every business has specific needs, an established toll manufacturing company can service those needs with a level of much-needed adaptability.

If you’re ready to seek further information and identify your needs regarding tolling services, fill out our form to request a quote. Otherwise, feel free to give us a call at 419-924-5565. The amount of time and money your business could save may surprise you!