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Toll Coating Versus Contract ManufacturingMany manufactured products require an extra step before they are ready for the market. Typically, the finishing process includes a coating or other enhancement to add strength, value, or both. That’s where a partner like Conversion Technologies International (CTI) can help. We take your product to the finish line using a multitude of methods including toll manufacturing or contract manufacturing. To better understand how this works, let’s discuss the contrast between toll coating versus contract manufacturing. 

Our manufacturing company offers advanced adhesive and powder coating services for manufacturing clients. Likewise, we handle a wide range of materials and can help solve almost any production challenge our clients face. Ultimately, that is what makes CTI one of the nation’s leading toll companies.

Notably, some clients have different needs than others. Plus, they may have questions about the overall process including:

  • What is toll coating vs contract manufacturing?
  • How does CTI add this enhancement to their products?
  • What kind of equipment or expertise do you need for proper production of the product or job?

We’ll help answer these questions!

Toll Coating Versus Contract Manufacturing

One of CTI’s areas of expertise is helping clients understand the difference in toll coating versus contract manufacturing. Toll coating is a type of contract manufacturing, wherein a manufacturer receives a processing service for a fee. The manufacturer provides raw or semi-finished goods to the toll coating company. Then, the toll coating company adds a process to the product so that the first company can sell them on the market. Usually, the toll coating company has specialized equipment that makes this arrangement beneficial for both parties. 

Contract manufacturing differs from basic toll coating in several important ways. The basic difference is that the contract manufacturer typically sources the raw materials. They have specialized equipment and expertise to produce a finished product. Essentially, the contract manufacturer produces a custom, or white-label, product for the client. Similarly, contract manufacturers typically package the product for sale and often ship directly from their facilities. Toll manufacturers act more as partners for companies that need specialized equipment or services.

CTI provides both toll and contract manufacturing services.

Test Your Product Before It Goes to Market

Additionally, CTI is a leader in adhesive coatings. Consequently, we offer far more value than simple coating materials and services. In fact, we go above and beyond to help our clients succeed. To help fine-tune production for clients, CTI offers a research and development facility. Here, we test and refine products to ensure that clients’ productions are ready.

Our experts help every step of the way while testing out a new material or technique to see if it improves the product. Clients enjoy the advantage of our facilities, labs, and production equipment without making huge investments. No other provider combines this level of technical assistance with cutting-edge equipment. Why invest in expensive equipment that may not be an integral part of the process? CTI provides this equipment which saves you not only money but time as well.

A Consultative Approach

Of course, a product or service is only as good as the company supplying it. That’s why CTI takes a unique approach to doing business. In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, we are a true, consultative partner. That means that we can help clients of all sizes solve challenges they face in the finishing process. Our experts understand that fine-tuning a product is crucial to long-term success. It’s why we’ve designed our process to help clients improve their product until it’s market-ready.

From experimenting with new materials or techniques to trial and error testing, CTI can help. Our years of experience combined with state-of-the-art facility ensure that we have the expertise you need. Even better, our well-trained staff uses their experience to finesse your product and even introduce new strategies when necessary. In fact, when a well known-roofing company wanted a new product developed, we jumped in to help.

Our stories don’t end there. We’ve helped everyone from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Our proficiencies reach a wide range of industries, including automotive, furniture, consumer products, construction, textiles, and roofing. Read more of our success stories to understand the impact that our services can have on your company’s product development process.

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