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kiss cutter machine“Kiss cutter machine” might sound like the name of a rock band. Actually, though, it’s an important piece of manufacturing equipment. A machine that can perform kiss cuts is essential to conversion manufacturing processes for many businesses.

Why is a kiss cutter machine so important for some manufacturing processes? How can a business access kiss cutting services most effectively? Let’s explore some facts about kiss cutting before we answer these questions. 

What is Kiss Cutting?

Kiss cutting is a widely-used manufacturing process that’s a type of die cutting. Like other types of die cutting, it uses metal tools to create stamped cutouts in flat material. Kiss cutting applies specifically to multi-layered materials with an adhesive between layers, such as label and sticker paper. 

To create a kiss cut, the die cutting machine must pierce only the top layer of the material. Since the bottom is left intact, this allows the two layers to be separated later. Kiss cutting requires excellent accuracy and machines that create an extremely light impression—a “kiss,” so to speak.

Can I Buy a Kiss Cutter Machine?

If you only need a kiss cutter machine for personal crafting projects, it’s easy to purchase one from a craft store. These are cricut machines. They’re a simple way for individuals and small businesses to create single or small-run stickers and labels.

However, a cricut machine isn’t sufficient for the needs of large manufacturing companies. These businesses need high-output die cutting solutions that can produce medium or long runs of customized kiss cut materials. Many also require the ability to work with a variety of material types and thicknesses.

Industrial kiss cutting machines are available, but it’s not always practical for a business to install one. These larger machines are very expensive, take up a lot of space, and require extensive knowledge and skill to operate. Instead, many manufacturers now opt to use contract manufacturers for die cutting services. 

Why Use a Contract Manufacturer for Kiss Cutting?

Contract manufacturers are a type of specialty manufacturer that provides customized services on demand. Many different services are available through contract manufacturers, and die cutting is one of the most popular. When you utilize these money-saving solutions, you enjoy a myriad of benefits.

Foremost is the advantage of working with expert operators with extensive knowledge of die cutting. There’s no need to train workers in-house or use your own time, space and labor resources. Instead, you’ll hand it off to professionals who know how to get the results you’re looking for. There is no start-up or training period involved…just give them your specifications and they will meet your deadlines and criteria.

If you have been shopping around for the equipment you’ll require to perform any type of die cutting, you know that these machines require a huge investment. Perhaps, the kiss cutting is a minor operation in your total manufacturing process. The investment would far outweigh the return on some of this equipment.

The equipment is only the first step, when you decide to manufacture a product requiring die cutting. Space is the next hurdle. Do you have enough space to devote entirely to that one operation? If you have the budget for the equipment and have the space, do you have the time to train the operators for the equipment? An experienced operator will be an additional expense and there may be a training period, as well.

Why Choose CTI for Your Contract Manufacturing Needs?

CTI’s facilities include industrial adhesive coating and lamination services as well. That allows us to provide our clients with custom end-to-end solutions and take their products from spec to reality. Whether it’s a one-time production run to fill a gap or a long-term outsourced solution, CTI is here to help.

We offer a multitude of services to clients large and small. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in all major industries, we are equipped to handle projects of all sizes.

A Unique Approach to Our Clients’ Needs

Our 5-step process is the underlying strength of our business model. Every client receives the same treatment and respect for their production goals.

We begin with a consultation, during which we ensure that our capabilities align with our clients’ requirements. Additionally, we offer cutting-edge research and development facilities to assist in product improvement or creation of new products. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows companies to benefit from these assets, without taking on the huge investment required for their setup and operation.

Along the way in the production cycle, we create samples as needed, in order to ensure the quality of the finished product. Our pilot trial run is a major benefit…a shorter production run to test all components finds any issues before running a large volume. The fifth step is the actual production run. At this point, we know that everything will work perfectly and the outcome is exactly as anticipated.

Contract Die Cutting from CTI

Conversion Technologies International offers a complete range of die cutting solutions, including kiss cutting. Our precision die technologies include flatbed steel rule die cutters that create extremely fast and accurate kiss cuts. Moreover, our integrated and flexible manufacturing solutions help make kiss cutting a seamless part of your process. 

A contract manufacturer that offers die cutting should have kiss cutting options available. Steel rule die cutting is a fast and cost-effective way to perform kiss cuts, although other options also exist. This method is also highly customizable, which makes it simple to get materials in any shape necessary.

When you need an economical and professional solution, CTI is available. Get in touch with our experts today by calling 419-924-5566, or contact us online for a free quote.