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Adhesive Coating of Fiberglass for the Wind Energy Industry

Adhesive Coating of Fiberglass for the Wind Energy IndustryThe adhesive coating industry is one of constant change, this brings new and exciting challenges for Conversion Technologies International.  As such, we are often approached by customers who need to develop new products and projects for emerging industries.

For example, CTI has been approached by customers in need of a light adhesive coating for a very open, lightweight, fiberglass material to be used in the wind and energy industry.

After working with and evaluating the needs of our customer, CTI was able to develop a process that ensured their success.  CTI made several variations of the customer’s product for testing in their process, helping them develop the best product for the needs of the customer.

After specifications were determined, CTI was able to move into the production of this customer’s product, with a yearly volume of 3 million feet.  The rolls for this particular adhesive coating of fiberglass for the wind energy industry project were 24” in diameter, with various widths.  CTI constantly monitored the amount of adhesive applied, with an in-line beta gauge scanner.

CTI’s commitment to service is what sets us apart from the competition, and what allows us to deliver the best services and products to our customers in the wind energy industry. 


Custom Laminating of Water Barrier Film Project Highlights

Product DescriptionWe applied the adhesive coating to this fiberglass for use within the wind energy industry,
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesApplication of Hot Melt Adhesive
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartProprietary method developed at CTI
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 2400 LF
Width: 50″
Thickness: .01″
Material UsedAdhesive Coated Fiberglass
In-process testing/inspection performedAdhesive coverage is monitored using an in-line beta gauge scanner.
Industry for UseWind Energy
Volume3 million ft²/year
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Specifications
Product NameAdhesive Coated Fiberglass


Contacting Conversion Technologies International

If you are looking for, or would like more information on Conversion Technologies International’s custom adhesive coating of fiberglass service solutions, call us today at 419.924.5566 or email our online sales department at: sales@conversiontechnologies.com.