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Compressing & Laminating of Aluminum for the Automotive Industry

Compressing and Laminating of Aluminum to Non-WovenAs you well know, Conversion Technologies International is one of the lead providers in lamination services.  This allows us to face different trials and challenges head-on, meeting the needs of clients from many different industries.

Automotive Client Case Study

Recently, a client from the automotive industry came to CTI in search of custom compressing and laminating services, specifically seeking a 1” non-woven material by 80%, laminating it to aluminum, and then sheeting it.

This particular customer had been to several firms before approaching CTI, and had not found a company that could deliver the compressing & laminating services that they required.  This left the customer jaded, unsure if CTI could accomplish the task at hand.

CTI is not one to leave our customers dissatisfied, and completed request in record time, leaving our automotive customer satisfied.  We were able to analyze our customer’s problem, and determine a solution.  This allowed CTI to quickly supply production material to meet the incredible volume of 400,000 parts per year.  The parts ranged from 20″ to 48″ wide and 30″ to 60″ in length.

The Strength of CTI

One of our greatest strengths is our aptitude for understanding and meeting the challenges our industry demands.  Our superb abilities in making new products, redesigning, and modifying existing equipment to meet the unique needs of our customers set CTI apart from the pack.


Custom Laminating of Water Barrier Film Project Highlights

Product DescriptionThis aluminum is laminated to a high loft non-woven with adhesive. The high loft is compressed 80%, for use within the automotive industry
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Overall Part DimensionsLength: 48″
Width: up to 60 inches wide
Material UsedAluminum and high loft non-woven
In-process testing/inspection performedThe finished thickness is monitored throughout the process.
Industry for UseAutomotive
Volume400,000 parts /year
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Specifications
Product NameLaminating and Compressing


Contacting Conversion Technologies International

If you are looking for, or would like more information on Conversion Technologies International’s custom compressing & laminating service solutions, either call us today at 419.924.5566 or email our online sales department at: sales@conversiontechnologies.com.