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Water-based Priming and Adhesive Coating of PP Foam for Automotive Headliners

Conversion Technologies International is responsible for the development of the first pre-applied adhesive fabric for automotive headliners.  It was conceived in our facilities, when owned by Dexter Automotive.  (We acquired this business when CTI was established.)

As the automotive industry evolved, and with it came the change in design and specifications for automotive headliners, we developed new processes for meeting the demands of the industry.  Thus, our presence was an integral component in the supply chain for headliners.

Automotive Customer Case Study

We were charged with a project involving a 50” wide roll of PP closed cell foam that was coated in a water-based primer.  The purpose of this primer is to prepare the foam for the subsequent water-based adhesive coating.

Following the primer coating, the process steps are completed, including: adhesive coating, sheeting, die cutting, and hand wrapping to make finished headliners, before they are shipped to the auto assembly plant. This process is being used for the current model Corvette.


Custom Water-Based Priming and Adhesive Coating of PP Foam for Corvette Headliners

Product DescriptionThis black-primed foam is used in the construction of Corvette headliners.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPriming-Prime Foam in Water-Based Black Primer to prepare it for an adhesive application.
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartWater-based coating is applied and the foam is then dried by going through a 24-ft. oven.
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 1000 ft rolls
Width: 50″
Thickness: 2.7 Mil
Material UsedPP closed cell foam
In process testing/inspection performedInspected for complete coverage
Industry for UseAutomotive
Volume40,000 LF/year
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Specifications
Product NamePriming of Headliner Foam
Subsequent processed at CTI include water-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive application to the primed foam and to headliner cloth, die cutting of the cloth and foam, and hand assembly of the headliners.

If you would like further information on CTI’s Custom Water-based Priming of PP Foam solutions, call us at 419.924.5566 or email our online sales department at: sales@conversiontechnologies.com