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web adhesiveBefore their products are ready for the market, manufacturers often need to finish or enhance a product. Some manufacturers are able to apply these finishing touches themselves. Most, however, lack either the equipment or expertise needed to do the job right. In these cases, manufacturers need a partner to help them finish their product. Like with anything else, though, finding the right partner can be tough. Conversion Technologies International (CTI) strives to be a partner that clients can depend on. Their experts offer a wide range of adhesive coating services to strengthen or improve products. From printing to coating and other technologies, they can help. In fact, they are experts in web adhesive coatings—which most other companies are not.

Types of Adhesive Coatings

If you have a product that needs a hot melt, water-based adhesive, printing, or general coating, CTI can help. They will work with you to develop a system that is right for your product. Adding adhesive coatings can have the following benefits:

  • Strengthening
  • Waterproofing
  • Priming
  • Increasing surface tension
  • Adhesion to other products
  • Making products pressure-sensitive

CTI is an expert in a wide range of coating techniques. They have used multiple processing techniques and are familiar with all methods, including:

  • Hot melt
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • Water-based adhesives
  • Specialty coatings
    • Skid resistance
    • Strength improvement
    • Color
    • Waterproofing

Plus, they can handle a wide range of substrates, including:

  • Paper
  • Vinyl
  • Fabric
  • Foam
  • Wovens
  • Non-wovens
  • Films
  • Foils,
  • Cloth,
  • Polyester
  • And more

Web Adhesive Coatings

A web adhesive is the ideal choice when customers want to combine benefits with simplified usage. Web adhesives are a type of hot melt adhesive. CTI’s experts convert the adhesive to a non-woven material for application. As such, they function in much the same way as a fabric does. CTI applies the adhesive in a web pattern, which offers excellent texture and uniform coverage. With their range of techniques, CTI offers a variety of different web adhesives. No matter what job or material you need, they can help.

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Have more questions? Curious about the printing process? Or, maybe you’re ready to get things moving on your next project? CTI is ready to help. Just fill out their quick, easy-to-use form to request a free quote. One of their experts will be in touch with you shortly with more information.

It’s one of the many ways that CTI is committed to helping their clients succeed. They offer a tried and true process that allows customers to fine-tune their products before full production. No other company combines innovative technology with this level of customer service. They will work with you to improve your product and put your company in a position to win. Through it all, they will be a true, consultative partner that you can rely on.

So, give them a call today at 419-924-5566 for more information.