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In the manufacturing world, customer loyalty and success come from consistency. A manufacturer needs to keep production running smoothly at all times. To be an industry leader, a manufacturing firm must emphasize quality in the production process. But what happens when a manufacturer runs out of capacity, equipment or manpower? Should the company just turn down orders, disappoint customers and probably lose them? Or, should the company halt production on one product to make room for another? Of course not! A successful company should turn to a contract manufacturer for help during these times. And that’s exactly where Conversion Technologies International (CTI) can help. They offer top-quality contract manufacturing services to companies in all industries. CTI can help support business and keep production running smoothly, no matter what. They have the right combination of expertise and experience to help their clients. Best of all, they customize each product to meet the exact requirements of every unique project. So, check out what makes CTI such a valuable partner below.

What is Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing is very popular in today’s world. Especially in the current climate, many companies need to use outsourcing to ensure a steady flow of product to meet market demands. And it is popular for very good reasons. But in order to understand why it is so beneficial, it is important to first understand exactly what it is.

A contract manufacturer agrees to manufacture a product for a customer. This arrangement is sometimes referred to as toll manufacturing. Let’s say that Company A comes to CTI for help with some aspect of their manufacturing process. Currently, Company A has a supply chain problem that prevents them from producing enough product to meet demand. Maybe they are in a busy season and can’t handle the extra volume. Or, maybe they have seen a steady increase in business and have run out of capacity to handle more production. Sure, they could add manpower or equipment, but the cost would likely be incredibly high. So, what should they do?

By turning to CTI for contract work, they can enjoy the best of all worlds. CTI has the cutting-edge equipment, experience, and expertise to help with any kind of project. In addition to handling overflow production, they can also help enhance products to get them to the finished goods stage. They can add waterproofing, anti-skidding surfaces, and other coatings to a product that may need it. Best of all, they can offer expert guidance to help clients solve any challenge that may arise. Simply put, they’ve seen it all and they can help their clients become more knowledgeable. Or, they can take control so that clients can be hands-off. Additionally, because they work by contract, there are no long-term commitments like investing in expensive machinery. This helps keep costs low and production ability high.

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

contract manufacturer complements a manufacturing company by ensuring continuity in production. Or, they may help by improving or enhancing the company’s products. By outsourcing production and manufacturing services to a contract manufacturing partner, the client also saves on cost. Problems with a supplier? The solution may be to have CTI handle the manufacturing process to maintain the required level of quality. The contract allows for flexibility and access. This allows customers to get to market on time and with a superior product.

In fact, there are numerous benefits to this arrangement. Imagine Company A gets awarded a big new contract and needs to start production soon. But they lack the equipment and workforce to meet this increased demand. Traditionally, they would have to rent a new facility, buy new equipment, hire and train new employees. This, of course, adds up to lots of time and money. However, this can be avoided by outsourcing manufacturing services to CTI. Their experts are able to utilize their experience and innovation to drive products forward. It’s such a valuable service that clients in many different industries have benefited from it.

A Wide Range of Services

CTI offers a number of services, including:

Adhesive Coatings

Adhesive coatings are the back-bone of the projects that CTI offers. They have the experience and expertise to provide customized solutions for all clients.

CTI can handle the following materials:

· Acrylic

· Latex

· Acetate

· Neoprene

· Silicone

· Urethane

CTI can also process many different classes of coatings. From hot melts to water-based, thermoplastic to water-repellent or fire-retardant, they can handle it. Their facility includes hot air drying and room temperature curing to handle all adhesive processes. That means they can raise cure temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, they can accommodate widths up to 120 inches and rolls that weight up to 2,000 pounds. They can even apply adhesive coating from less than one millimeter up to 60 millimeters.


Custom laminating jobs require capable equipment and engineering expertise. CTI has both and they know how to match the lamination process to the desired results. Their experts can handle any size format or material you have.

They are experts in:

· Slot die

· Roll coater

· Gravure coating

· Hot roll

· Belt lamination spray coating

Slitting & Die Cutting

CTI offers superior technical support for reliable solutions to engineering challenges. Accredited by the top industry standards’ boards, CTI knows how to get the job done. They combine innovative technology with creative solutions and hold themselves to very high standards. They provide custom sheeting and are able to convert most materials, including:

· Cardboard

· Vinyl

· Paper

· Non-woven

· Foam

· Cloth

An Extension of Your Own Supply Chain

CTI can even help act as a key piece of your supply chain. As explained above, they can take over production and help solve challenges. So, their experts can also take delivery of raw material or semi-finished components and finish them. That means that they become another step in your supply chain process. However, other companies would only finish the products and return them to the client. CTI, on the other hand, can do even more than that. They can move the products forward to a distribution center or retailer. So, instead of wasting time, CTI can help create efficiencies within the supply chain.

A Proven Process That Produces Results

CTI has worked hard to become an industry leader. And that success hasn’t come overnight. It has come from decades of experience and knowledge-building. Plus, it has come from an unwavering commitment to world-class customer service. It has also come from a tried and true process that ensures results for every client. Check out CTI’s unique, five-step process below:

1. Initial Consultation—to begin, CTI matches clients’ needs with their abilities. This ensures that no one is wasting their time or money. It’s one of the tenets of their philosophy—respect and value the client’s time. They can then start to understand what exactly your needs are and discuss how they can help.

2. Research & Development—testing new materials or techniques is great, but how is a company supposed to do that? By using CTI’s state-of-the-art facilities, of course! Check out the next section for more on this unique, value-added benefit offered by CTI.

3. Lab Testing/Sample—there’s just nothing like seeing and feeling something up close. That’s why CTI can produce a sample at any stage of the process. In fact, there is often little to no cost, depending on materials being used.

4. Pilot Run—pilot runs can mean the difference between success and failure. They help identify any potential problems before a full production run. This step may be redundant for some, but it’s how CTI ensures success.

5. Production—the final step comes only after the process has been verified and approved. After all, nobody wants to find surprises at this step. This is how CTI ensures that every product will come out successfully and according to plan. It’s one of the many ways that CTI works hard to ensure that customers succeed.

State-of-the-Art Research and Development

As shown above, CTI offers numerous steps that add value for clients. But perhaps none is more valuable than research and development. CTI maintains a state-of-the-art production facility complete with the latest, most innovative pieces of equipment. What this means for clients is that they have access to just about any conceivable combination of material manufacturing. Plus, CTI offers expert guidance throughout the process. That means that clients can experiment until they find the right combination for their product. Product development is key to success and CTI can help.

After all, successful manufacturing is about precision. The slightest tweak in one direction or the other can fundamentally change a product. That means that an unsuccessful product can become successful with some experimentation. Normally, this sort of research and development costs tons of time and money. But with CTI, this step is part of the process so that clients can be sure to succeed.

Clients can take advantage of CTI’s facilities, labs, production equipment, and skilled experts without a huge investment. There is virtually no product that can’t benefit from the technical assistance CTI can provide. Especially when it comes to designing new products or fixing old ones. This is one of the main reasons why CTI can help deliver such a high success rate for clients.

Free, No-Obligation Quotes

You don’t have to take their word for it. CTI is the top contract manufacturing organization in the country. They believe that the strongest endorsements possible are the ones from previous clients. They believe that client testimonials prove that they know how to solve specific challenges. Their services are not reserved for the huge conglomerates. Among the clients that have benefited from CTI’s services are companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. That’s why they have dedicated a section of their website to customer success stories.

So, it’s clear that CTI can handle a wide range of challenges. But how do prospective clients know if they can help with their specific challenges? Simple: just talk to their experts. In fact, CTI makes that an easy process, too. That’s why they offer free, no-obligation quotes to potential customers. Just fill out the easy-to-use quote request form on their website.

The form asks for basic contact information. But it also has several specific questions that delve into more detail about the project. These questions include dimensions, substrates used, description of product and design challenges, and more. CTI believes in efficiency and by getting this information early, they can provide you with solid details. They know that time is money and they don’t want to waste any steps.

CTI is the Industry Leader

CTI is the industry leader in top-quality contract manufacturing service and coating and laminating services. They also offer slitting and die cutting services as a core competency. Conveniently located in West Unity, Ohio, their offices are central to any market nationwide. It is their combination of experience and technical expertise that makes them the best partner for any manufacturing organization.

But it’s also their commitment to customer service that makes them the industry leader. To CTI, clients are more like partners. Simply put, they are not just trying to make a quick buck from their clients. Rather, they seek to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. And part of that means offering convenience and efficiency to their clients. They invest time and money into each partnership so that it will succeed. That means they have a vested interest in helping to make sure all clients’ products are successful. CTI can offer solutions from adding a layer of adhesive material to a roofing product to solving an issue with the process of creating automotive headliners. Not only will they solve your problem, but they will become part of the manufacturing process to implement the solution.

Eager to get started on your next project with their help? Fill out their form for a free, no-obligation quote. They will be in touch very soon to start discussing the specifics. Chances are they will be able to align their capabilities with your needs. It’s why so many companies, from small companies to global conglomerates, utilize their services.

Prefer to talk to a real human? Give them a call today at 419-924-5566 to speak with an expert.